KL CHRONICLE: Netizens Slams Opposition Parties for working with "Dictator" Mahathir Mohamad #SaveMalaysia

Monday, March 7, 2016

Netizens Slams Opposition Parties for working with "Dictator" Mahathir Mohamad #SaveMalaysia

By Karamjit Gill

Adolf Hitler who is undoubtedly the world’s most hated dictator was responsible for mass destruction and ethnic cleansing as he spread his ideology of Nazism. It has been more than fifty years since Hitler shot himself, but till today the Germans are ashamed of his antics. His book and flags are banned in Germany. It is not about politics. It is about his inhumane ideology.

However, politicians in Malaysia today have redefined the game of politics. Malaysia’s most autocratic prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been magnanimously forgiven and is a national hero today. It is obvious that the word “integrity” does not exist in Malaysia. PKR was formed on the basis of anti-Mahathirism, but today they are applauding the founder of Mahathirism. Nurul Izzah Anwar who shed tears of agony for growing up without a father and losing her childhood, has forgiven the man who stole it all from her. So, it was all about power after all, wasn’t it? For more than 30 years the Opposition attacked Mahathir and fought to free this country from Mahathirism, but is now working with the very same man they spat at. And it is only to supposedly save Malaysia from Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Therefore, if Najib leaves and someone else not in favour of the Opposition becomes the next prime minister, this same cycle repeats? If Najib decides to go against the next prime minister as well, I can only imagine the Opposition shaking hands with Najib and saying, “We forgive him”. The declaration that has been signed to oust Najib is akin to the Opposition showing us the middle finger to everything we have been fighting for.

Mahathir destroyed Malaysia. Corruption, nepotism, racism, cronyism, destruction of judicial independence, self-empowerment, disunity, and many more problems prevalent in the country today, was Mahathir’s doing. I always hoped that one day our children would learn how evil Mahathir was during history lessons, but looks like the former premier will only be applauded as a hero in the next generation’s textbooks because the ‘big-hearted’ Opposition has forgiven him.

Najib’s alleged corruption scandal is akin to that of a schoolboy’s when compared to Mahathir’s. Is RM2.6 billion reason enough to oust Najib? How is it okay that Mahathir robbed the country of more ? Going by Mahathir’s theory of Najib being guilty because he did not sue the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) who ran the exposé, Mahathir is guilty too because he did not sue the WSJ when they alleged Malaysia lost RM100 billion under his leadership.

Lim Kit Siang has admitted he has nothing personal against Mahathir, and that it was all about politics. It may be for you Lim, but it is not ‘only about politics’ for us. Tomorrow you will make up with Najib and sing the same tune too and will you expect us to buy into your absolutely ridiculous reasoning? After all, Lim has proven the words of Barisan Nasional ministers that he has no integrity. Lim will form an alliance with anybody, even the devil for the sake of power. I wonder how the late Karpal Singh would have reacted if he heard Lim’s true revelations. At least Gobind Singh Deo has shown us that he is a man with integrity for not participating in the pack with Mahathir. It is time for Lim to leave DAP. Gobind should take over and lead DAP if DAP wants to move forward.

Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa is also spearheading the declaration to oust Najib. Is Perkasa also a rightful organisation now as they are working with the Opposition? Dr Ling Liong Sik, Shafie Apdal, Muhyiddin Yassin, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, and the rest are all forgiven because they joined to oust Najib. Now, we all can rob the country, join the Opposition, and be forgiven as long as we go against the sitting prime minister. Bravo Pakatan!

Karamjit Gill is an FMT reader.

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