KL CHRONICLE: @dapmalaysia shall give more seats to @Amanah_PAN #Selangor

Monday, January 11, 2016

@dapmalaysia shall give more seats to @Amanah_PAN #Selangor

DAP being the big brother and the most dominant party in the Selangor government (with 15 state seats) should lead the way in showing magnanimity to Parti Amanah Negara by surrendering more local council seats for Amanah. DAP should not show its ugly face of greed for power and political positions by clinging to its previous quota of council seats.

Since DAP has welcomed Amanah to be its partners in Pakatan Harapan to replace its erstwhile partner PAS, the former should show its sincerity to Amanah by way of giving up some of its previous council seats for Amanah supporters.

DAP cannot expect Amanah to perform credibly if it does not extend support to this fledgling party who are full of ex PAS members.  A certain amount of goodwill by DAP will certainly be appreciated by Amanah supporters who are mostly Chinese and forms the backbone of Pakatan Harapan. 

DAP certainly cannot afford to give credence to the oft-quoted accusation by Umno that DAP is now trying to grab political power from the malays. Its stubborn stance of not giving up some of its previous council seats will only cement the belief that what Umno has been saying of DAP is true.

However, the important criteria of selecting councillors should be the calibre of the candidate to serve the councils with competence. The position of councillors should not be a political reward of merely collecting the remuneration without any input of hard work. That is why the oft-repeated cries of local council elections should be seriously considered since those elected can be unseated in the next council election if they do not perform to expectations.

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