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Friday, October 23, 2015

The Malaysian Opposition is nothing but Bullshit Cc @dapmalaysia @rafiziramli @imokman @tonypua

Rasyhid Hamzan

The Opposition led by Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail are combating with one another to be victorious on who can be the biggest conspiracy theorist among them. They have been coming up with conspiracy after conspiracy with such mix that would shame even top cendol sellers in Malaysia.

It is hilarious to see how the Opposition are playing Tom and Jerry with the vote of no confidence against Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Together with the organisers of Bersih they pushed forward a huge street rally that lasted more than 24 hours to call for the resignation of the prime minister. Gullible Malaysians who are unhappy with the PM slept on the streets for a peaceful protest. When that did not work the Opposition portrayed themselves as The Avengers who will save the country. They spoke at large about the vote of no confidence. As time for the parliamentary session drew close, they realised their soap opera is coming to an end. Therefore, 1-2 weeks prior, people like Rafizi Ramli started to feed ideas of the possible no-go with the no confidence vote.

Now, it is about asking the MP who filed the motion to withdraw so Dr. Wan Azizah can table the motion instead. The procedure is clear. A motion has to be tabled 14 days prior in order for parliament discussion to take place. If the tabled no confidence vote is withdrawn now and Dr. Wan Azizah files a new one, the chances are it will not happen this sitting and the Speaker of Dewan Rakyat has already made it crystal clear to the Opposition. The Opposition is going to just dilly dally with the no confidence motion and then later shout out loud and lay the blame on Tan Sri Pandikar Amin when nothing happens. That is the Opposition for you. A bunch of hopeless and confused people.

DAP’s secretory-general Lim Guan Eng claims that Pakatan will abolish the toll of the North-South Highway (PLUS) if they ever govern Putrajaya. Blind supporters of the Opposition are hailing this delusional statement. Why did I say delusional? It is because Guan Eng is a recycling conspirator.

In February 2008 Lim said if Pakatan wins over Penang, the Sungai Nyior toll in Seberang Perai would be abolished. He said that at that time because of anger among the public when this toll booth emerged. It is 2015 now and the toll plaza is still in place. In fact, the toll charge has increased from RM 0.50 to RM 1.20. Not only the Sg Nyior toll is standing tall, the state government under DAP has added more tolls in the state.

When the BN government kept to its promise and abolished certain tolls by paying compensation to the highway concessionaires, Pakatan then criticised BN for allegedly paying the companies too much. When BN called for the abolishment of Sungai Rasau and Batu Tiga toll on the federal highway last year, Pakatan claimed BN was taking advantage over the weak then-MB of Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. There is an excuse and reason for everything. The Opposition do not do any work but complain, complain and complain. No wonder a cry baby is leading the coalition.

Deepavali bazaar thugs conspiracy, Sarawak Report conspiracy, 1MDB conspiracy – Tony Pua keeps playing them all. Now that the Thai police has waved the green flag for IGP Tan Sri Khalid and team to interview Xavier Andre Justo in Thailand with regards to 1MDB and alleged tampering of documents, it is a matter of time before DAP’s Agent Mulder, Tony Pua barks up another conspiracy. The script writers must be working overtime now. A Bersih rally in Thailand perhaps? With Singapore also on attack mode against DAP there might be a Bersih in Singapore too, I guess.

I know this opinion of mine will render a lot of bashing if the pro-Opposition media actually publishes it, but I am not afraid of the truth. Criticize me all you want but you can’t change the fact that the Opposition is nothing but bulls**t. If you think the Opposition is going to successfully oust Najib soon, please go ahead and continue dreaming. Nothing will happen because the only thing you are guaranteed for are more conspiracies!

Instead of counting on BN to be defeated, first try to even form a pack that can last the distance. From Pakatan Rakyat to Pakatan Harapan – what next? Pakatan Konspirasi?

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