KL CHRONICLE: PAC Member wants @TonyPua to quit PAC & debate Arul Kanda

Friday, October 30, 2015

PAC Member wants @TonyPua to quit PAC & debate Arul Kanda

"Tony Pua offers to host live talk show for 1MDB chief. Question is, will Arul have courage to accept the challenge.

Arul says he will take part in a 'no-holds barred' live TV talk show with Tony Pua on 1MDB, but on condition Pua quits PAC." ~ from news

My view is if Tony wants to have live debate on tv, then he should respect the parliamentary institution.

He must remember that he is a member of the PAC which is currently investigating 1MDB and will be in the process to determine if there is any wrong-doing.

Holding a live 'no holds barred' TV debate with one of the subject of the parliamentary inquiry is an insult to the parliament.

No respectable parliaments in the world would allow this.

If this was a legal case, it is as good as a member of the jury or judge arguing with the accused on live TV before the court case.

That would be subjudice.

What happens if Tony loses badly and holds a grudge against Arul which may subconsciously impair his fairness and judgement during the PAC inquiry?

Datuk Liang Teck Meng
MP for Simpang Renggam,
Member of PAC

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