KL CHRONICLE: KL Taxi Drivers must improve themselves, stop blaming SPAD

Friday, October 23, 2015

KL Taxi Drivers must improve themselves, stop blaming SPAD

The Malaysian taxi drivers are well known worldwide. Based on a finding by the LondonCabs.co.uk [Reference :http://www.londoncabs.co.uk/10-countries-with-the-worst-taxi-drivers/ ] , it was found out that the worst taxi drivers in the world is actually from Malaysia and they are the Kuala Lumpur drivers! This study is from an international organization that monitors the services and quality of taxi drivers worldwide.  Therefore, in simple terms, Kuala Lumpur has the worst taxi drivers in the world. 

 Now, based on the findings from LondonCabs, it was stated that:

Drivers from Kuala Lumpur are well known for overcharging clients and detouring. Even though they are supposed to charge by the meter, many drivers refuse from doing so. The best advice is to simply wait for another vehicle if the driver resists from using the taximeter. Cars in Kuala Lumpur can often be rather old and in poor condition.

The findings above is crystal clear. We have a problem with our taxi drivers. This is now not only known locally, but also internationally as well. How do we resolve this issue? 

That is where SPAD comes into the picture. SPAD has taken various actions to address this concern. The action taken are as below:

1. Provide training for taxi drivers to be more customer friendly, courteous and have good manners.

2. Roadblocks and operations to nab errand taxi drivers who does not use meter and haggle customers for fares. 

3. Replace old taxi drivers with new ones example TEKS1M

The beauty of it is that SPAD is taking action to improve the taxi services in the country. However, there is just so much SPAD can do if the drivers themselves does not want to change!

Knowing that they are the worst taxi drivers in the world, there is this small group of taxi drivers calling themselves Persatuan Transformasi Pemandu Teksi Malaysia (PERS1M) wants to have an illegal demonstration calling for the resignation of Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar. How ironic and idiotic is this?

You (KL Cabbies) are known to create so much problems but is now putting the blame on others? We at #KLChronicle really hope that this irresponsible taxi drivers sit down and think about what they are doing. Their reputation is already down the drain and by having this illegal rally it only reinforce the believe that the KL Cabbies are the worst drivers in the world. 

Wake up!

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