KL CHRONICLE: Dato Sri S. @VellPaari Warns G.Palanivel & Geng not to disrupt MIC's AGM

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dato Sri S. @VellPaari Warns G.Palanivel & Geng not to disrupt MIC's AGM



In regards to one article, published on 30th October 2015 at 6.31pm titled “Penyokong Palanivel minta PM tidak hadir AGM MIC pihak Subra”, reported by The Malaysian Times, which is an online portal aligned to former President of MIC, Datuk Seri G.Palanivel, I would like to state the following:

• It is clear now that Palanivel and supporters have reached their peak of desperation in wanting to unnecessarily create problems. Despite having failed in the highest court of Malaysia, The Federal Court, the faction seems to be still living in denial. 

• I am very well aware of the malice intent of this faction in wanting to stage this outrageous and irresponsible protest. They are of the opinion that the Prime Minister would not attend the MIC AGM if there are rumours of a protest. 

• I would also like to remind Palanivel and his supporters that benefit of doubt was provided to this faction all along pending the case being in Federal Court. Now that they are unsuccessful, we will urge the authorities to take stern action against those wanting to interrupt the AGM and subsequently tarnish the reputation of MIC.

• The court agreed with the ROS decision for reelection and the 2013 MIC election declared null and void reelection due to irregularities in the election process 

I would be making a police report on the purported protest that they want to stage. The press conference that was held by them has made it easy for the authorities to identify the masterminds who may be responsible for this purported protest.

In the article, it is stated that there will be presence of outsiders. Who are this outsiders? Are this the same outsiders who gate crashed the MIC Presidential nomination on 21st July and hurled rocks into MIC Headquarters that resulted in MIC members and police officers getting injured?

Our objective is to ensure a smooth MIC AGM without any troubles from any faction or people. It is time for MIC to focus the work we have in hand to win back support for our party and Barisan Nasional. Period. 

Thank you.

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