KL CHRONICLE: Dato Sri S. @Vellpaari : @TonyPua should be a man and debate Arul Kanda #1MDB

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dato Sri S. @Vellpaari : @TonyPua should be a man and debate Arul Kanda #1MDB

Tony Pua should not hide behind lame excuses in avoiding the live debate with Mr. Arul Kanda
I would like to take this opportunity to commend Mr Arul Kanda, President & Group Executive Director of 1MDB, for accepting Tony Pua's challenge for a no holds barred live television debate on 1MDB.

In order to have this debate in a fair manner and preserve the integrity of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC),  Mr. Arul Kanda had called on Tony Pua to resign as a member of the PAC before the challenge can be accepted.

The request by Mr. Arul Kanda in my personal opinion is reasonable given that Tony Pua have often been accused of breaching parliament ethics for making damning statements and allegations against 1MDB even before the PAC probe is completed.

However, the response by Tony Pua that the request by Mr Arul Kanda is a "stupid excuse" to avoid the live debate is shocking and shows that Tony Pua is more interested in playing politics rather than to find out the truth. Even if the truth is already out there in 1MDB website and throughout all its press statements.

As a citizen of this country, i call on Tony Pua to stop playing games and not let this "one in a lifetime" opportunity pass to grill the 1MDB president. If Tony Pua is interested in the truth, quit PAC, be a man and debate Mr. Arul Kanda.

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