KL CHRONICLE: Dato Sri S. @VellPaari Thanks PM @NajibRazak for #Bajet2016

Friday, October 23, 2015

Dato Sri S. @VellPaari Thanks PM @NajibRazak for #Bajet2016

Press Statement By
Dato Sri S.Vell Paari 

MALAYSIA 2016 BUDGET #Bajet2016

I congratulate the Prime Minister Dato Seri Haji Najib Tun Abdul Razak on successfully tabling the 2016 national budget that is focussed on the wellbeing of the various communities in this country.

From the Indian community point of view, this budget has given great importance and focus on three (3) core sectors which are Education, Financial Stability and Healthcare. The PM's vision of tabling a budget that invest directly in empowering the Indian community is greatly appreciated. 

This "direct investment" will result in providing better jobs and a better quality of life for the Indian community. From the bottom of my heart I thank Dato Seri Najib for he has shown via this budget that he acknowledges the Indian community needs and has provided an extra helping hand to us.

Thank you sir.

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