KL CHRONICLE: Dato Sri S. @VellPaari Breaking New Grounds in MIC Party Elections

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dato Sri S. @VellPaari Breaking New Grounds in MIC Party Elections

We refer to the press statement by Dato Sri S. Vell Paari (can be read below), a candidate for the MIC's Vice President post in the coming party elections and would like to congratulate him for breaking new grounds in political party elections in Malaysia. He is the first and currently the only MIC Vice - President candidate that has publicly denounced and rejected any sort of  "hate campaign & personal attacks" in the coming party elections. 

Dato Sri S. Vell Paari has clearly stated his main campaign focus will be on what he can contribute to the party and community. For that Dato Sri, we wish you all the best!

The full Press Statement is available here:

Press Statement
Dato Sri S.Vell Paari

I have been receiving calls from the media stating, rumors are, that the contest for Vice President be marred with ferocious hate campaign and personal attacks.

I doubt it.  MIC has evolved into a party made up of members with very focused and matured thinking process. Our members won't subscribe to such tactics of hate campaign.

During my campaign trail around the country, I observed they are very focused on the future of our community, with regards to what legacy we are leaving for our children. A legacy of neglect or one of empowerment for our children.

Hence in my opinion candidates will not indulge in such tactics and members will not entertain such tactics. I for sure will not.

My campaign focus will be on what I can contribute to the party and community. Not getting elected by negative or hate campaigning on the other candidates.

I cannot preach unity and on the other hand breed discontent to destroy the very fabric of unity that I want to create.

Hence on my side to prove I want to practice what I preach, I will attend the press conference of all the other aspiring Vice President candidates when they make their announcement for candidacy.

It's a friendly competition among the members of the MIC family. Where we shake hands after the election to turn our focus and attention towards empowering the community for a better legacy.

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