KL CHRONICLE: Dato Sri S. @VellPaari announcement as candidate for MIC Vice President

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dato Sri S. @VellPaari announcement as candidate for MIC Vice President

Press Statement 
Dato Sri S. Vell Paari


Frustration and turmoil within MIC has been replaced with relief, expectations and drive under the current Presidency of Dato Sri Dr. Subramaniam. 

On his shoulder lies the task of not only repairing the extensive damage caused during this turmoil but also rebuilding the trust of Indian Community. 

To assist and contributing towards this task, and after discussing with my family,  I have decided to contest for the post of Vice President of MIC. 

I am sure the first question on everyone's lips, am I serious since I have withdrawn earlier in 2009 and 2013 after making such announcement. I will give a detailed explanation on why I made such decisions in a press conference to be scheduled soon. 

My purpose is very simple. Strengthen the party. The turmoil in the last one year has damaged and severed friends and even families. I want concentrate in reuniting the party. To rebuild the members confidence and the community's trust towards MIC.   

There is no harm in having difference of opinion on who you support or supported as we are all members of the MIC family. The broken bridge among us can be rebuilt even stronger. 

Hence I want to make it clear that I am not interested in becoming a Senator or a Member of Parliament or any ministerial position. I am happy and contended in remaining at the Vice President level to serve the community and party until I retire from active politics should I be successful. 

I have a few ideas that I want to implement should I be elected Vice President which I will disclose in the future. 

But one idea I want to share now, is in setting up a 24 hour call centre purely for the assistances of our Branch Chairman's. Fund sourced by me and not party. 

In times of need, which could arise any moment, branch chairman's are distraught in trying to contact senior leaders predominantly over phone to seek assistance. Majority of the time they are not able to link. With a call center at their disposal, I want to take away the stress and tension. Assistance and enquiry let it be for personal, party or community matters is at their disposal 24 hours. 

I want to evolve this idea to a 24 hours call center for our community for any assistance or enquiry. Where we can train and provide employment to the less fortunate at the call center. This is will also set a KPI for the party in engaging the branch chairman's and community. 

Should I be elected Vice President, I will seek the President's approval to set up a division chairman performance audit committee in each state. 

Every 3 months interval I will appear personally at the division chairman audit committee meeting of each state and present my report card as the Vice President of the party. All branch chairman's will be also asked to submit their report card on me to their division chairman in my regards to my interactions with them over the months. 

A review on my performance as Vice President will also be done every 6 months by these Division Chairmans audit committees of each state. If unsatisfactory they have the power to seek my resignation as Vice President and I must comply.  This will enhance the importance of the Division and Branch Chairmans. A revitalization that will help to rejuvenate the grass root leadership. 

I want to make MIC " VIP " free. Why I want to pursue with this, is because we must plan for our children now, for when they are going to be at our age. Good and Strong management is needed. If not we are leaving a bad legacy for our next generation. Hence we have to find new ways to do that or we will continue to see gangsterism and crime plaguing our community 

Thank You

S. Vell Paari

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