KL CHRONICLE: Dr. Mahathir Talking Nonsense about International Arrest of PM @NajibRazak

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dr. Mahathir Talking Nonsense about International Arrest of PM @NajibRazak

Dr. Mahathir has done it again. After his key ally Khairuddin Abu Hassan was remanded 6 days to facilitate investigations of passing classified and forged documents to foreign countries, Dr. Mahathir now comes up with a totally speculative response. Let's look at the statement below by Dr. Mahathir and why we are saying that the comments are totally nonsense! (Our comments are in red):

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has drawn a grim picture on the possibility of Datuk Seri Najib Razak being arrested by Interpol if foreign countries investigate the prime minister for alleged money laundering.

Look at the para above. The statement "if foreign countries investigate". It means there has been no investigation done. Another line is "alleged money laundering" means it is purely an allegation with no proof whatsoever. 

"He could also be arrested if he left the country. So he has to remain here, like how he withdrew the passports of some people and barred them from going overseas," the statesman said in a video uploaded on the blog “Din Turtle”.

Look at the word "could be arrested" which is purely speculative. 

The longest serving prime minister said this during a meeting with Kumpulan Melayu Berani Bersatu at a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur on Friday afternoon.

Dr Mahathir said domestic laws were applicable only if crimes were committed locally.

"But if a crime has some connection with a foreign country, that nation has power (to investigate and prosecute)," he said.

Look at the word "if a crime" . Even Dr. Mahathir cannot confirm has the PM committed a crime or not. 

Dr Mahathir cited the fate of Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir who is now wanted by International Criminal Court to stand trial on various charges such as the genocide in Darfur. The United Nations says the court’s warrant for Omar must be implemented by countries who have signed the Rome Statute.

“He (Omar) could be arrested if the country he was visiting concurred with the alleged crime,” Dr Mahathir said.

He said if countries like Switzerland, England and the United States believe that Najib had allegedly been involved in money laundering, they could enlist Interpol to arrest him.

Look again the words used by Dr. Mahathir, he is using the word "if countries...believe that Najib is involved in money laundering" . This clearly means that the 3 above countries up till now has not believed the allegations made by Dr. Mahathir against PM Najib Razak. If not Interpol would already issue an arrest warrant for the PM. 

Due to the above and very speculative statements by Dr. Mahathir. We believe that he is losing the plot altogether. His key ally Khairuddin Abu Hassan is now spilling the beans of the masterminds behind the conspiracy to bring down this democratically elected government. We are very sure it would all lead to the great doctor himself. The question is, is Dr, Mahathir feeling the heat and starting to enlist help from foreign entities which he once totally despise? 

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Magnus Loretto said...

This old pariah is now so desperate for power (and attention)..he's in hot soup over the mess which he himself created. I hope he choke on his own bile and die while wearing DS Najib's favorite underwear...rot in hell!

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