KL CHRONICLE: Article di Malay Mail Online Biadap & Kurang Ajar

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Article di Malay Mail Online Biadap & Kurang Ajar

"The Chinese cannot be infected by Malay: it's not Malaysian.

Inilah Malay Mail. Ms Boo is certainly racist. BM is not good enough for the Chinese Malaysian ke? Teruk sangat ke nak associate with Malay. She says:

"....There’s no need for a multi-racial country like Malaysia, with significant ethnic minorities, to have a national language....

The problem with Malaysia’s national language is that rather than giving Malaysians across race and culture a shared sense of identity, it has divided us. It entrenches the Malay identity instead of making us feel more “Malaysian.”
Amid the constant refrain for Malay rights, Malay as the national language makes the country seem more “Tanah Melayu” than Malaysia...

That’s why many Chinese cling so tightly to vernacular education. Chinese-medium schools are used to mark their cultural and ethnic identity as Malaysia becomes more “Malay” or “Muslim” over the years."

Dirty sangat ke melayu? Hina sangat ke guna bahasa melayu?

She then added:

"...Of course, in Malaysia, one would never even think of calling for the national language to be switched to Mandarin, lest they be accused of trying to attack the Malays.

This is precisely why Malaysia should not have any national language...."

According to her it's fine for the Chinese to maintain their cultural and ethnic identity. In other words it's fine to her to pursue education system to separate our children by race. It's fine to deny Malays to befriend the Chinese. Takut nanti di melayukan. Hina sangat ke melayu ni?

This is the problem of Malaysians who have no clue what our constitution entails. Who define malaysia ikut suka hati in order to promote cloak racism. BM was part of our constitutional compromise lah. To be a Malaysian you need to understand and speak Malay. Whatever race you must be able to speak Malay. It's part of being Malaysian. If you think speaking Malay is dimelayukan so it must be. It's part of being a Malaysian. There's no need to be apologetic.

It doesn't mean we cannot talk and promote English or other languages. But to degrade Malay as any other ethnic language and argue English as the new national language is just too sickening. The liberal extremists is the number one threat to our country now. It's spreading resentment and division like never before. We will not have a meeting point if they prevail.

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