KL CHRONICLE: The Malays Shall Continue Voting for the Chinese in @dapmalaysia

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Malays Shall Continue Voting for the Chinese in @dapmalaysia

8 out of 10 richest Malaysians are ethbic Chinese
Malays better beware and take heed of the Chinese SNOWBALL effect on Malaysia's economy. 

By 2030, about 95% of all commercial and business premises in major towns will be owned by the Chinese! 

About 70% of residential dwellings will be owned by them. This is attributed to the SNOWBALL EFFECT. 

They already have now a large economic base, so naturally they will have more funds to make more purchases in the future. 

Their "SNOWBALL" will continue to get bigger and bigger!  

Naturally, the Chinese graduates will have more employment opportunities in the private sector while the Malays will have to continue to depend on the Government for jobs and contracts. 

But what happens when more states fall to the DAP? 

This is where the Malays must wake up and be fearful of this eventuality. 

Can we really trust them? Just look at Singapore (PAP)! 

There are many lessons for the Malays to learn. 

Are we ready for this? What should we do? 

Are the leaders not seeing the bigger picture? 

Or are they more interested in enhancing their own wellbeing?

The Malays, especially the leaders, BETTER WAKE UP! The ordinary Malays better take heed of their actions now, which will determine the fate of our future generations.

Brothers, actually my posting this morning was to answer the question often asked: 

How come almost 100% of shops and business premises in almost all the major towns in Malaysia are owned by the Chinese? 

How come the Chinese can afford to buy expensive 2-storey link houses in the major towns, while the Malay graduates could not do so? 

The Malays are too obsessed with politicking that they forgot that, by 2050, their lifestyle will have to depend and be dictated by the Chinese, in their own country! 

As such, something MUST BE DONE NOW to at least put some checks and balances to at least enable the Malays to open and conduct their business in a fair environment. 

Do you know that very recently  a few Malay contractors cannot carry on with their business because they have to pay CASH for the raw materials, such as bricks, sand and cement? 

Some who have the money have to wait for up to 2 weeks for delivery! 

Priority is given to the Chinese contractors. It's just natural. I foresee this situation worsening to other sectors, including automotive servicing and even food manufacturing by 2025, because almost all major dealerships and businesses, including supply of chicken and fish, will be held by them. 

But the Malays now are so engrossed with justling for positions and short term contracts that to the extent they have overlooked this emerging landscape. 

It is therefore very critical that the Govt and GLCs formulate a comprehensive strategic roadmap to address this issue. Malays should realise that it is quite useless to have the political power but cannot have control as to where the economy should be heading! 

One such measure would be the setting up of cooperatives by Malay professionals to encourage the growth of Malay businesses. 

That is why I stressed that the Malays should WAKE UP! Otherwise, their dreaded nightmare will indeed become a REALITY!

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