KL CHRONICLE: MIC's @vellpaari 4 Questions to UMNO Youth Chief @khairykj

Saturday, August 8, 2015

MIC's @vellpaari 4 Questions to UMNO Youth Chief @khairykj

S. Vell Paari is MIC Head of Comms & PR bureau
I read the statement today by YB Khairy and his concerns on the intimidation of MACC. I respect his and the opinions of his colleagues, who are component party Youth leaders in BN Youth. 

My friendship with YB Khairy goes back along time. Not many know when former Selangor MB Khir was bent on demolishing the temple in Padang Jawa that lead to Hindraf uprising. 

I seeked YB Khairy's help to stop the demolition. He could have taken an independent stand, but he did not. YB Khairy genuinely did his utmost best to stop the demolition. But Khir refused to listen to YB Khairy. Hence we are brothers in arm in the BN family. 

But I am someone who calls a spade a spade. Hence I have only 4 questions to my brother YB Khairy.

1. Is MACC above the law

2. Does MACC have the power to stop Police investigation.

3. Is it right for MACC a body that is suppose to be independent, fair and impartial to invite the opposition to rally support at it's Hq.

4. Is it ok for MACC officers to leak classified information amounting to breach of OSA

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