KL CHRONICLE: Lester Melanyi Exposes "Very Powerful Malaysians" Funding Clare Brown

Monday, August 31, 2015

Lester Melanyi Exposes "Very Powerful Malaysians" Funding Clare Brown

This weekend, my former boss Clare Rewcastle Brown did interviews with foreign media about Malaysia.

Some think it’s strange that a British woman keeps talking about Malaysia, but I was not surprised.

After I began working for her, I found out Clare was receiving funding from very powerful people in Malaysia.

She keeps talking about money that people say went into our PM’s account, but never talks about the money she receives.

Why? If Clare is such a believer in transparency, she should provide the Sarawak Report accounts and show us where her funding comes from.

But she can’t do this. Because if she did, we would find out who her real boss is.

Clare takes money and in exchange attacks our Government.

This is different to what Clare was like when she first set up Sarawak Report. Back then, she had her own independent agenda. This is why I liked her.

But over time, she got relationships with powerful people, and Sarawak Report became a business for her – a way for her to make money.

I am a small man and don’t want to be attacked myself, so I won’t say who is behind her. But a picture says a thousand words.

Today, she is nothing more than a proxy for them, just reading their script.

For money, she will now read whatever script is handed her. Money is now more important to Clare than truth.

Documents were fabricated and doctored for money. I know because I was asked to do this.

It is disgusting, but what is more disgusting is those people who get foreigners to do their dirty work.

In some countries, it would be treason. But here, the people doing this are cheered on the streets by the DAP led protesters.

I am sad to see our country reduced to this.

31 August 2015

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