KL CHRONICLE: 5 Things @NajibRazak Did For You That You Didn’t Know About #KekalNajib

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5 Things @NajibRazak Did For You That You Didn’t Know About #KekalNajib

A piece by April Lin – Writer at Greater Malaysia 

We are all aware that our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has had embarrassingly bad press these past few weeks, starting with the 1MDB scandal to the latest controversial Cabinet reshuffling.

But here are some of Najib’s lesser known achievements, broken down by the numbers:

1. Najib Made The City A Safer Place To Live In

Under the Safe City Program, 1,165 notice boards with the PDRM hot line, 18,102 units of lights and 2,460 safety mirrors have been added to increase the security for the benefit of the public.

As a result, the crime index fell by an average of 6.6% every year since 2009 till 2014. An unbelievable 147,171 criminal cases were brought to trial in 2014 alone.

2. Najib Helped Malaysians Get Employed

The New Residency And Immersion Program (PRIME) was introduced to help improve employment rates by helping newly appointed principals transition into their new roles and environment.

8% of SEN Employment Transition Programme students were successfully placed in jobs at their practical training locations.

3. Najib Helped Transit Malaysians Around Malaysia

The implementation of 2 new lines, the Blue and Red lines, at the beginning of May 2014 enabled more Malaysians to take public transport.

The daily ridership of the GoKL city bus saw increased to  35,000 passengers. On the other hand,  Public transport of AM Peak ridership also rose to 455,728.

4. Rural Houses Now Have Water And Electricity Because Of Najib

Since 2010, 336, 266 rural houses  have access to clean water. That is to say that a total of 1,681,330 Malaysians in rural Malaysia have this basic necessity met.

129, 595 rural houses now have access to reliable electricity, with means 647, 975 individual now can see at night with lamp light instead of candle light.

5. Malaysians Are Reading Better Because Of Najib

Pre-school and those in early childhood have also made great strides. Pre-school enrollment has increased from 67%  in 2009 to 84.26% nation wide. Furthermore, 1,709 pre-schools received a total of RM20.46 million in grants to launch operations from 2010 to 2014.

Not just that but since 2010, 129, 171 private school students from low-income families are now able to receive assistance from the Government.

Reference : GTP (Government Transformation Program) Annual Report

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