KL CHRONICLE: @tm_insider Dina Azman Caught Lying & Misleading the Malaysian Public

Saturday, July 4, 2015

@tm_insider Dina Azman Caught Lying & Misleading the Malaysian Public

Dina Azman wrote an article that had a number of misleading claims

High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore

I wish to refer to Dina Zaman’s article “Bidding farewell to Malaysia” which was published in The Malaysian Insider on June 30, 2015.

There are a number of misleading claims in the article.

The High Commission does not practice any quota system with regard to the renunciation process.

There is no quota or limit imposed on the number of submission applications we receive daily
The public is free to submit their applications, provided they come during the designated time.

The time allotted for submission is from 8.15am to 12pm and not from 8.15am to just 11am as claimed in the article.

We do not turn away any applicant that comes within that time. We have even made exceptions to those who have come slightly outside the allotted time.

Neither do we practice “drop off in a special box”.

The reason is simple.

All applicants must be present in person to affix their thumbprints and sign Borang K, as designated by the National Registration Department.

At the same time, they need to surrender all their original Malaysian identity documents, such as birth certificate, identity card and passport.

To ensure the authenticity of the application, all the steps must be taken with the applicant present in person.

The assertion that applications can be submitted through drop-off box is completely untrue and misleading.

There is no “soft thud” as a reminder, just rustle of papers as the applications are being checked.

It is most unlikely that our security guard would have told anyone to come back the next day if they had come after 9.30am. Our guards know the process and procedure very well.

They have also been instructed to refer to the management in case of media query.

As stated earlier, everyone is welcomed within the allotted time. In fact, if Dina had been here, she would have seen the public still entering the Consular Department of the High Commission submitting their forms at 11am. – July 4, 2015.

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