KL CHRONICLE: Now @VellPaari Blast @limkitsiang as @dapmalaysia Lies Exposed #1MDB

Monday, July 20, 2015

Now @VellPaari Blast @limkitsiang as @dapmalaysia Lies Exposed #1MDB


Reading YB Lim Kit Siang latest blog article criticizing Minister Dato Abdul Rahman Dahlan, one is forced to ponder if is it really a egg in the face situation for the Minister as claimed by YB Lim Kit Siang or more like walking in face first for YB Lim Kit Siang and his colleagues in the tattered PR.

It's evident the article was written by a very unsettled, disturbed and emotional Lim Kit Siang. It's not the normal Lim Kit Siang's article which is always well articulated. But judging by the use of unwarranted vocabulary to discredit Dato Dahlan one could sense a lot of hidden anger and fear in Lim Kit Siang's statement. 

Now why do I say this? 

Firstly one could not in anyway discredit the illustrious political career of Lim Kit Siang. He is truly a living legend. Been through trials and tribulations in Malaysian politics. His reward for his endurance was, the formation of PR which ended BN's 2/3 majority, the capture of Penang, his son becoming CM of Penang and in the PR alliance it was DAP that preformed better in GE13 by gaining 10 MP seats. 

But on the twilight of his political career he is now witnessing the possible destruction of his crown. 

The PR Alliance is in tatters with the breakaway of PAS. PAS formed the backbone of the PR Alliance. Without PAS, GE14 could spell disaster for the tattered PR.

DAP felt the PAS faction aligned to them will take over PAS leadership. But Haji Hadi's group took total control in PAS. The anti Hadi PAS team that was under the influence and guidance of DAP was wiped out. 

Lim Kit Siang now faces the dilemma of losing all that DAP had gained in the pervious elections. We could be witnessing the " Siang " setting on Kit Siang's DAP. All resulting from the arrogant manner in which his son treated another legend in Malaysian politics, YB Haji Hadi Awang. 

Now UMNO that forms the backbone of BN has emerged stronger under Dato Sri Najib leadership. After taking over the helm, Dato Sri Najib has rebuilt UMNO from ground up. The result was quite evident with UMNO gaining 9 MP seats in GE13. 

If this rebuilding of UMNO is not checked, a very grim news awaits in GE14 for a PR already in disarray. Hence Kit Siang and strategists felt to break UMNO they have to end Dato Sri Najib's leadership. So the strategy was very simple, just use hate politics on Dato Sri Najib leadership, mixed together with malicious and vicious personal attacks on him and his family. 

The opposition machinery was relentless   with it's attacks on Dato Sri Najib. Also specifically targeted vicious personal attacks on Datin Sri Rosmah especially by Rafizi. Who now claims he was joking. I am sure next he will claim amnesia.

But still their plan did not bear fruits to the tattered PR. Instead BN recaptured Teluk Intan from DAP and retained Rompin. To make matters worst for Kit Siang, while he was still recovering from the news that PAC as yet to find any wrongdoing in 1MDB. 

The revelation that the Sarawak Report was based on forged documents has dealt a killer blow to Kit Siang's plan. This revelation is a major embarrassment to Kit Siang and his colleagues. Why? For they had used the allegations made by Sarawak Report as their main thrust to attack and undermine Dato Sri Najib's leadership. 

With Sarawak report revealed as being based on forged documents, " it's Kit Siang and his colleagues that have undoubtedly won instant media fame (or infamy) by having egg all over their faces ," as per Lim Kit Siang's own words. 

So I ask YB Lim Kit Siang the same question he posted to Minister Dato Rahman Dahlan," Now that your messenger ( Sarawak Report & Clare ) are proven disreputable ( use of forged documents ) and mercenary, what is the credibility of your allegations against Dato Sri Najib and his family" ? 


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