KL CHRONICLE: Mohamed Riaz from PRASARANA a hero to all Malaysians @MyRapidKL

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mohamed Riaz from PRASARANA a hero to all Malaysians @MyRapidKL

Recently Malaysians of all walks of life came together to rescue a puppy who was trapped at the high voltage line of an LRT station. In particular was the brave act of one Mohamed Riaz who assisted a group of volunteers to rescue the dog from being hit by a passing LRT train.

The drama started when a lady by the name of Ms. Nava spotted the dog trapped and requested assistance from the Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue who then requested assistance from Mohamed Riaz. 

Realizing that it would be dangerous for him and the volunteers (esp. Sukhveender Dhaliwal) to approach the trapped dog, Mohamed Riaz took the initiative by shutting down the power lines and look out for the trapped dog together with Sukhveender Dhaliwal. Unfortunately, the dog bolted out of fear and ran four stations away.   

Due to this, more volunteers from the Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue tried to locate the dog at various stations but the animal kept running further away in fear. However, due to their persistence to save the dog, the volunteers refused to give up and together with the help of Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Dang Wangi and also the police, they managed to rescue the dog, who has been aptly named “LRT”.

Original Story from : 1Malaysia spirit on full display as volunteers rally to rescue trapped pup | Life | Mobile | Malay Mail Online - http://m.themalaymailonline.com/features/article/1malaysia-spirit-on-full-display-as-volunteers-rally-to-rescue-a-trapped-pu

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