KL CHRONICLE: @cmlimguaneng Naikkan Tarif Air 400%, Pembangkang Kenapa Diam?

Friday, March 20, 2015

@cmlimguaneng Naikkan Tarif Air 400%, Pembangkang Kenapa Diam?

What is Penang DAP trying to do? Take advantage of GST of 6% and increase water rates by up to 400%? Sudah giler ke? Why must April 1st ah?

For 19 years, Penang Gerakan state govt never increased water rates - which is why it was one of the lowest in the entire Malaysia.

But since DAP took over it has increased water rates 3 times - including introducing a water surcharge in 2011 where non existed before and then doubling it in 2013.

This time around, the increase for domestic users go up an average of 16.7% and up to 30% for the heavy users.

But the killer is for the business users, the water rates increase is even more dramatic - up to 400% increase for base price and more than double for normal water usage.

This increase makes the SPAD taxi, KTM, bus price increases look like child's play. When Penang DAP strikes, they whallop you KAU-KAU!

PR = Price Rise, isn't it? Very much like Barang Naik.

Also amazingly, construction and property development companies get a special 35% rebate for their rates - which no other industry or consumer sectors get. That's what friends are for, huh? Correct?

BTW, the Chairman of Penang Bekalan Air (PBA) is YAB CM Lim Guan Eng, who is currently very silent nowadays (and avoiding answering question on his joint-letter allowing PAS to pursue Islamic State (and Hudud).

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