KL CHRONICLE: SPAD : Drop in fuel prices give taxi operators 10% in savings

Monday, February 16, 2015

SPAD : Drop in fuel prices give taxi operators 10% in savings

Private car rental and taxi operators have benefitted from the lower price of fuel. – File pic. 14 February 2015

#KLChronicle says: We at the #KLChronicle sympathies with the dilemma faced by taxi drivers where the cost of operating a taxi has been increasing throughout the years.  Nevertheless, SPAD has to be applauded and commended for their proactive action in ensuring BOTH the well being of passengers and taxi drivers are well taken care off. A lot of negative remarks has been said about the quality of taxi service in the country, however SPAD has been in full drive nabbing errant taxi drivers who overcharge their passengers.

We hope by the reduction in fuel price coupled with the 10% savings that taxi driver make on a daily basis, the services provided will also improve. SPAD has always emphasize that the comfort of passengers must be taken into consideration in any decision related to the land public transport system. That's why if you see now, SPAD has been increasing its patrol and taking action on errant taxi drivers regularly. I hope this good work can be maintained for the benefit of the public. 

The drop in fuel prices had reduced overall costs borne by private car rental and taxi operators by 10 to 11%. 

Land Public Transport Commission chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar, however, said the amount was small as the operators also had to bear other costs such as vehicle insurance, maintenance and tyres.

"They are worried at the impending hike in costs at the Computerised Vehicle Inspection Centre that will also impose a service charge of six per cent when the Goods and Services Tax is implemented in April," he said, after handing over a computer and cash of RM1,000 each to 11 car rental and taxi drivers associations which were affected by the recent floods. 

He said the income of a private car rental or taxi operators in Kelantan is RM1,000 to RM1,200 a month, and often an operator could not afford to accommodate the increases in the prices of goods. – Bernama, 14 February 2015 

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