KL CHRONICLE: @LiowTiongLai : #Malaysia will continue to engage with the #MH370 next of kin

Friday, February 20, 2015

@LiowTiongLai : #Malaysia will continue to engage with the #MH370 next of kin

Dato Seri @LiowTiongLai had gone to great length in assisting families of MH370

Malaysia's Transport Minister, Dato' Seri Liow Tiong Lai has today reafirmed Malaysia's commitment in engaging with families of flight #MH370 Next-of-Kin to assist them in coping with the loss of loved ones and provide latest information on search efforts in the Indian Ocean.

Speaking to reporters today, Minister Liow also commented on the recent appearance of MH370 family members from China who had attempted to create chaos and disrupt MCA's Chinese New Year open house function. According to Minister Liow :

"We have established a family communication and support centre for the next of kin in Beijing," 

"However, the group has not conveyed to us of their intention to meet with Malaysian leaders." 

Based on the statement above, we at the #KLChronicle is very concerned on the violent behavior demonstrated by MH370 China's Next-of-Kin who have no disregard to the laws of this country. 

The Malaysian government via the Transport Ministry has gone to great length to procide financial and humanitarian for all MH370 Next of Kin but it seems family members from China is still not satisfied with the assistance given.

This is in stark contrast with the response and feedback received from Next-of-Kin from Malaysia who have been appreciative of the assistance given. We really hope the people from China will be more appreciative of the assistance we have given, which is even beyond their (China Government) assistance. 

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