KL CHRONICLE: After Criticizing the Government, Rogue SGMM Chief Appeals to the Prime Minister to cancel transfer order #KLChronicle

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

After Criticizing the Government, Rogue SGMM Chief Appeals to the Prime Minister to cancel transfer order #KLChronicle

#KLChronicle : Mohd Nor Izzat should be bold enough to accept the transfer order. As a teacher, his job is to teach and educate the kids of this country to ensure that they have a good education, and not to be a politician. He should take this "challenge" by the government, move on and continue his occupation as a teacher. Furthermore, he is saying this is a form of punishment by the government but what proof does he have? Any form of communication saying that this is a form of punishment, letter or minutes of meeting to back his claim? NONE whatsoever. 

The teacher behind the shameful protest against the school-based assessment (SBA) system is appealing to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to direct the Education Ministry to withdraw the transfer notice issued to him and two others.
Mohd Nor Izzat Johari (pic), who is the Suara Guru-Masyarakat Malaysia (SGMM) working group chief, said the transfer notice was a "punishment" for criticising the SBA, not based on need, as claimed by the state education department. Mohd Nor Izzat however did not show any proof to back his claims. 
“They said the transfer was based on needs but we checked and that was not true. It was just a standard reason given to any teacher when they are transferred to avoid any problems in the future," Nor Izzat told The Malaysian Insider. 
Last week, Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin reportedly said the directive to transfer Nor Izzat did not come from him and probably involved district-level administration.
Muhyiddin added that he was not aware if the decision was made because the teacher voiced his dissatisfaction over the system or other factors.
In his appeal letter to the prime minister dated yesterday, Nor Izzat said the transfers were carried out because he had opposed publicly the SBA. However, Nor Izzat did not provide any proof to back up his claims. 
“I have no doubt about that," the Art teacher said.
He said they tried to meet with the Pahang Education Department director to discuss the transfer but failed.
"They kept making excuses whenever we called. We also tried to get a support letter from the District Office on the transfer but we were told it did not want to 'interfere' in the matter. We don’t know what is happening," he added.
He said he met Education Minister II Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh on December 24 last year and the minister had assured him that no action would be taken against him or his colleagues for publicising  weaknesses in the SBA.
"I have been investigated and questioned by representatives from the district, state and federal levels over five sessions. The last person I need to meet was supposed to be the state education director to make my case. Then only can they decide the next course of action," said Nor Izzat.
He also said he and the other two teachers affected had

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Nazzir Hussain said...

Berani tebang, harus berani pikul,
Berani buat, harus juga berani tanggung, dah nama pejuang kan?? Kalau takut dilambung ombak, jangan bercakap tentang perjuangan

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